For FULL Details on our 1966 Aristocrat Travelier, visit this website: 

There will be no further updates on our Aristocrat on this blog since it now has it’s own blog.   🙂 And oh how this little camper has changed!!

Our adventures begin with our tailgating Aristocrat Travelier…..

More to follow.


The New Paint Job

After we got our new Aristocrat trailer, we took another tour of the inside. We were pleasantly surprised at how much stuff was left in the trailer! Nick called it the Gift Shop!

Nick found 5 fishing poles along with a full and complete tackle box.

There was a tv, toaster oven, microwave and tons of kitchen stuff!

Check out the details after the break…..




The oven was filled with pots and pans.


Someone had really taken the time to outfit this trailer. There was even a solar bag for a sun shower.


Also included is this sweet vintage box fan….


This is really a sweet little camper!


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