Our Family: Nick, Sandy & Mike


Since a little girl, I have dreamed of having a Vintage Airstream. My dream started with an article in Southern Living magazine. In that article, a woman with a dream of owning an Airstream bought a beat up vintage Airstream and had her husband gut it and re-design it to her specs. Of course, as a little girl this appeared nothing short of dreamy! In my mid-40’s my husband, Mike, and I decided to go looking at SOB travel trailers for family get-aways, vacations and opportunities to enhance our son’s, Nick, home school experience.

Off to Camping World we went in the middle of July… which is officially classified as Hotlanta down here in Atlanta. Loaded with my camera and several bottles of water, we searched the used and new travel trailers. We had a tow weight of less than 7000lbs. We looked at many of the Keystone brands as well as the Heartland Wilderness brands. The smell of new trailer with the addition of an outside kitchen (and tv screen) hooked Mike completely. I will admit the smell of the new trailer along with the ease of having something totally functional right off the bat was tempting. I still argued for my vintage Airstream but was quickly losing the fight.  Mike was convinced on a Keystone Bullet.

Long story, short…. We could not get the trailer for the price we were willing to pay.  This quickly brought Mike back to my thinking…. vintage. Although, he agreed to do any work on a vintage trailer, it was not something that he was looking forward to. What he was looking forward to was getting a decent camper at a lower price than new…. completely paid off.

argosy pelzer sc

1st look at TarTar

So, our online search began for our personal favorite: An Argosy.  Finally, in March of 2013, we found our perfect Argosy two hours away in South Carolina.

Throughout this blog will be documentation on our renovating (we decided against restoring) along with reviews and stories of our trips.

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