Updating Moose The Motorhome


It's been well over a year since we have visited Moose the Motorhome and his many issues.  Admittedly, our Argosy trailer has gotten all the love with updating, correcting and fixing the much needed fixes that we have been putting off.  There never seems to be enough time to fix up three Vintage gems.  With one trailer almost completely updated, it is time to move on to Moose the Argosy motorhome.

The outside looks terrible. By the looks of it, no one would even think of wanting this heap of vintage trash. But the inside is a completely different story!


We have to fix this couch so that it converts into a bed.  The previous owner fastened it so it remains a couch and not a bed.  This should be an easy fix.  Unfortunately, the previous owner did not carry over the dark wall covering so that the walls match.  We are going to cover both sides with shiplap so that they match.  The original bathroom pocket doors will remain… for now.  I have a plan for the future but no time to put it in action.  I actually hate hate hate these doors because I have been stuck in the bathroom a thousand times because these doors get stuck!  Oh and that AC case will be coming down and getting a fresh coat of paint.






The previous owner installed a matching couch to the above picture with a cute table.  The Argosy original table was missing.  We thought we needed a bigger bed to sleep on so we bought an Ikea futon to put in it's place.  It's just not working out.  It's a beast and taking up too much room, not that comfortable and will probably find a better home in our tiny Aristocrat trailer.

The entire right side, in this picture, is getting revamped due to golf clubs.  Currently, there is a desk that will be removed along with a custom made floor cornice.  We need a place to store the golf clubs when traveling in Moose so we will be fabricating a cabinet to hold two golf bags along with a shelves to hold misc items (books, etc.) and a tv.  Wall space is at a premium in an Argosy motorhome!!

It's important to note that this Motorhome would never pass current safety inspections. We have looked at some safety options and decided to take out the desk and the IKEA Futon as a result. The futon will be replaced with the couch the previous owner installed. The desk area will have a built-in custom made to secure our golf clubs. That way if there were an accident, the futon and desk would not come crashing, at full speed, forward.


The reason why the inside is so fabulous is because the previous owner worked for an RV supply company and gutted most of this Motorhome.  He used quality materials to build it back up. He installed heavy duty flooring, high quality countertop and sturdy fabrics. Once he was almost done and ready to work on the outside, his wife decided she wanted a new travel trailer instead. We have a love of the Argosy brand so we got it for a steal!

Moose's Partial To Do List:

  1. Painting the outside.
  2. Change Tires from 16 1/2 to 16 rims to make it more affordable and accessible.
  3. Get Windshield Wiper Motor (both)
  4. Replace 2 side windows
  5. Install Electric Hot Water Heater
  6. Get Dash A/C fixed
  7. Fix Exhaust Leak – Gasket
  8. Remove Old Generator and Replace
  9. Expoxy Bathroom
  10. Scrub Sticky Walls
  11. Install Fridge
  12. Build a Cabinet for Golf Clubs


There are more items to add to this list but we had a mechanic check it out and he was super impressed with this 454. Our 15 year old son seems to think this is going to be his camping machine sooner than later. He can keep dreaming.

Complete Photo Album at PhotoBucket.

Look for updates on this post as we update Moose!  Want to see All the Other Moose Posts?  Click Here!


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