Our Intentions…


When we purchased our 1977 Rear Bedroom Argosy, I wanted to keep everything as original as possible. It was never our intention to completely gut, restore or change the interior of our Argosy especially since it was in really great shape.

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Updating Moose The Motorhome


It's been well over a year since we have visited Moose the Motorhome and his many issues.  Admittedly, our Argosy trailer has gotten all the love with updating, correcting and fixing the much needed fixes that we have been putting off.  There never seems to be enough time to fix up three Vintage gems.  With one trailer almost completely updated, it is time to move on to Moose the Argosy motorhome.

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Painting our Argosy


Super Shiny after 2nd Coat

Painting a 28ft Argosy can be a daunting task.  Many send their Argosy’s out to be professionally painted but the cost can be very high.  Others opt for Do It Yourself options.  We opted to Do It Ourselves mostly because of the cost.  There are many options for DIY’ers and we fell into dead ends along the way but finally decided on Rustoleum’s Topside paint.

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Pleatless Airstream Curtains

That View! Do I really want curtains?

Since we bought our Airstream Argosy, I knew I would have to tackle sewing new curtains for the back panorama windows. The previous owner had sewn curtains with a striped pattern that just was not my style.

I procrastinated for three years. I searched Airforums, Pinterest, Instagram, dozens of blogs, the entire web for a solution, anything, other than sewing those annoying Airstream curtain tabs. All 90 of them. It came down to having no other choice but to sew those annoying Airstream curtain tabs.

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Sherwin Williams & Painting a Vintage Trailer

Update 6/20/17:  Have no heard one word from Sherwin Williams. Clearly, they do not understand the community of Vintage trailers.  So glad that we went with a different company’s paint. 

Update: Sherwin Williams reached out to me on April 12, 2017 via Twitter. I’ll post any responses, if any.  Knowing Corporate America, it will probably be a very kind letter from their Corporate Attorney since they wanted my “full contact information.”

It is extremely rare that I say anything straight up negative about a company but today’s the day! The following is my rant about my local Sherwin Williams….

Background Story

After researching several blogs and talking with MANY Vintage Trailers owners, including several Sisters on the Fly, I decided to purchase a product by Sherwin Williams called Sher Cryl to DIY paint our Airstream Argosy.

Off to my local Sherwin Williams store which is literally 2 miles from my house. I have not had good customer service from this store in the past (well over 6 years ago) but felt things would be different this time. I was wrong.

A very lovely and helpful female employee helped us with colors and found the four lonely cans of Sher Cryl in their back storeroom. So, if they have it in their storeroom, would they not be able to sell it?? We visited the store on a Sunday to avoid all the contractors. This store always serves all the contractors in the store before they will help a non-contractor patron. This was my number one reason for aggravation with this store.

Continue reading about our incredible results after the break.

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Cute Random Picture

Found this cutie, Chay our Westie, sleeping on the bed of our Airstream Argosy while we were repairing the busted copper pipes. Can’t say I blame her. A puppy nap sure beats messy plumbing repairs!