Our Intentions…


Camping in Roanoke, WV – Stonewall Jackson Lake

When we purchased our 1977 Rear Bedroom Argosy, I wanted to keep everything as original as possible. It was never our intention to completely gut, restore or change the interior of our Argosy especially since it was in really great shape.

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Changing to 12V

Easily take a ceiling light fixture for your home and install it in your trailer, camper or RV! All you have to do is convert it to 12V. We give you step-by-step instructions for foolproof installation.

Glowing Mission Light

Let’s be honest, trailer/RV lighting can be bland and boring. Most new trailers/RVs have standard non descript lighting because it’s easier for the companies to mass produce and to keep the decor more neutral.

Although our trailer is vintage and we like the original look, the ugly dirty plastic lights had to go. I wanted to personalize our space with a softer stained glass look. Below are Step-By-Step instructions on how we converted a regular home 110v flush mount light fixture in our vintage Airstream Argosy to 12v.

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