Airstream Closet Door Handles

One of the easiest updates you can give everyone your Airstream, Argosy is to change out the hardware on your closet and pantry doors. Although, many are gutting their Airstreams and updating their hardware to bright and shiny products, we are trying to keep originality to our Airstream Argosy.

The original grayish hardware was ugly. In all honesty, no matter how much I scrubbed, they always looked ugly and grubby and it started to creep me out. WHY are they so gross?!?! 🤔


New Airstream hardware is incredibly inexpensive and easy to install. They come in three different colors from Airstream Supply. We decided on brown to more closely match the wood on the door.

On a separate but similar topic, we decided to make this change partly because we were missing one closet door and fabricating a new one. Our other two doors have holes in them from someone drilling for mirrors or pictures. All three doors are getting an updated look to cover up the ughly drilled holes and have all three of them match.

Camp.Golf.Eat/Argosy Traveling was not compensated for the door hardware. We bought these without marketing discounts.

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