Argosy Travel Trailer

1977 Argosy Travel Trailer ….

Initial Details:

We are renovating our 1977 Argosy by Airstream while keeping much of it’s originality as possible. This trailer came with a lot of originality…. and a lot of “quick fixes.” Our goal is to update the decor, add modern style and comfort as well as correct/eliminate any safety issues as well as to keep as much as possible original.

We purchased this 1977 (rear bedroom) 28 ft Argosy, in April 2013, from a family in South Carolina for $6200. We are the 4th owners of this trailer.

We have named our trailer, Tartaruga (Italian for turtle), because “Argosy” is an Italian word (def = fleet, armada)….. and well too many other people had already named theirs Tortuga.

To read about all of “Tartaruga’s posts and updates, click here.

This page will give some basic information as we renovate and fix up the Argosy Travel Trailer. Full Details can be found on individual posts that will be listed.

Want to see how we are doing a Complete Overhaul of our Argosy Motor Home?


New Paint

In the meantime…. enjoy some of the original photos before we dig into renovations:

And these photos during renovations……


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