Airstream & Argosy Curtain Measurements

After sewing curtains for our Argosy made by Airstream, I found the most popular question to be….. What are the measurements. This blog entry is all about that singular topic!

Keep Reading for the measurements…

Please contact me if you have measurements for your particular Airstream! I would love to add them to this list.

Airstream 25′, Rear Twins

Measurements are:


2: 36.5” h x 14” w

2: 35.5” h x 23” w

2: 25.5” h x 29.5” w


4: 27” h x 18” w

2: 26” h x 29” w

1977 Argosy, 28′ Rear Twins

(should work for Front & Back Panorama Windows)

Door Window (X2): 18×38

Kitchen Window (X2): 32×38

Side Panorama (X2): 36×28

Middle Panorama (X2): 32×38


2 thoughts on “Airstream & Argosy Curtain Measurements

    • kitcatsz says:

      Monica – It’s my understanding that the Argosy has the same measurements for Panoramas throughout the line, despite the length. Supposedly, the length doesn’t affect the pano’s. :). They tried to make everything as standard as possible a good the Argosy line & years. – Sandy

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