Argosy Motorhome

1977 Argosy Motorhome Renovation Page….

Initial Details:

We purchased this Motorhome from a Craigs List ad North of Knoxville, TN in 2015.  It was our understanding that the owner prior to the seller was living in it and had basically trashed it.  It was not driveable or used as a vehicle but as a trailer home.  The seller purchased it and had plans of fixing it and using it for “day use” for his local square dancing club. The idea was to use it as a dressing / changing room for his club when they traveled locally.

His wife decided that she wanted a travel trailer that they could actually camp long distance in so he decided to sell this vintage motorhome.  The seller works for an RV supplier / distribution type of company so he had access to high quality interior products.  The outside was completely disgusting but the inside was refurbished into a palace.  There were some hiccups to the inside though… there was no refrigerator, no hot water heater and the two couches were fixed so they no longer made beds.  Other than that, most everything else could be accomplished with some easy fixes.

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This page will give some basic information as we renovate and fix up the Argosy Motorhome.  Full Details can be found on individual posts that will be listed.  This is a long project so please be patient with us.  We just finished updating our Argosy Travel Trailer and now digging into the motorhome.



New Paint Scheme – 2017

In the meantime…. enjoy some of the original photos before we dig into renovations:




And these photos during renovations……





Tin Wall Update


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