Our Intentions…


Camping in Roanoke, WV – Stonewall Jackson Lake

When we purchased our 1977 Rear Bedroom Argosy, I wanted to keep everything as original as possible. It was never our intention to completely gut, restore or change the interior of our Argosy especially since it was in really great shape.

Prior to 2017 Renovations

Along the way, we were forced to fix previous owners changes. Things like the countertop (it was crumbling from a leak), the floor (the peel & stick no longer stuck) and the bathroom (it was missing a wall and a door!).

We glamped it where it made sense to do so and not just for the decorative value like headboards for the beds (made the walls more sturdy), barndoor for the bath (because the bathroom didn’t have a door) and new ceiling lights (changed to LED).

As much as I admire and positively love all the gut and renovation jobs of the many Argosy’s on the web and Pinterest (sooo inspiring!), my childhood dream was always to have an original Airstream and/or Argosy.

Memory Foam Couch

So….. in this blog you will find ideas and fixes to keep the original look and feel of an Airstream/Argosy. Most, if not all, of our changes can easily fit into anyone’s renovation whether you are keeping the original look, gutting it or have a completely different rig than an Airstream/Argosy. There is a caveat to this…. our Argosy Motorhome will have very little originality since we bought it completely renovated with another’s design.

We currently have two Vintage Trailers: 1977 Argosy and 1966 Aristocrat Travelier along with a 1977 Argosy Motorhome.

This blog is our main way of detailing our renovations for our Vintage Argosys. Our Main Website that contains Campground Reviews, Camping Recipes, Golf Course Reviews and is our family business: Camp.Golf.Eat.

If you have any questions, need dimensions, source information or a second opinion, feel free to contact us or leave a comment on the appropriate page.

Everything you see in this Blog, we paid for ourselves. We are a pure DIY blogger that is sharing what we have learned and experienced along the way.


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