Homeschooling on the Road

Nick Patak 4th grade_2012

Homeschooling on the Road

A little background……

We adopted Nick from foster care in 2012 when he was 9 years old. Because of his lack of structure with school and life due to a lifetime of foster care, public school did not work out well for us. As new parents, education and school is our toughest challenge. He was “outed” as a foster child in 3rd grade at our local public school and as a result, he was bullied, tormented, teased and the school admin’s did zip, nada, nothing. Looking for alternatives for our family, our adoption case worker suggested a Hybrid Home School.

A Hybrid Home School allows a child to go to a physical school part of the week to be taught the weekly lessons and then the remaining days at home for homework and additional practice. This program works for us because it allows us to know what is being taught (i.e. they do not teach to the test) and allows Nick to manage his ADHD at school a bit easier.

1st Golf Course

Golfing On the Road


Since we have tons of flexibility during the week to add to his home school experience, we thought buying and traveling in a travel trailer would help us

teach history, geography, math and ad hoc “shop” class. It also allows Nick and Mike to explore more golf courses and swimming pools!

Because we use a Hybrid school, we are bound to their curriculum. Currently in 4th grade, Nick uses the IEW Writing Lessons along with a Reason for Science, a Reason for Math, a Reason for Spelling workbooks. He also has read Homer, Aesop’s Fables, and D’Arlaires Greek Myths. In 5th grade, he will move on to the Roman Empire for a year.





pup holiday photo 3 CROPPED

The Travel Pups

Our main purpose for a travel trailer was to travel the US with our pups. Adding in Home School experiences/lessons is a plus and super easy to do. Every trip adds to Nick’s skill set. Although, sometimes it is a drag for him to be doing school work instead of exploring or just enjoying the drive, traveling with our camper has made the “out of the classroom” experience so much more fun!


Homeschool in Tartaruga with the pups.

April / May 2013:

Happily, Nick has had an opportunity for “shop” class while we start renovating TarTar. He has learned a bit about electricity when we switched out the lights, used his math & critical thinking skills when we installed new flooring and got to use his destruction skills when removing the old flooring.


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