Pin Up Wall

* This is part of our 2017 Renovation Series.

Before (Excuse the mess during our renovations!)



We have a small wall at the entrance to the rear bedroom and bathroom of our Airstream / Argosy that is screaming for an update. The original wallpaper is in decent shape but it is very ugly. This wall needs a fresh update asap!

Continue Reading for step-by-step instructions on how to make a Burlap Pin Up Wall!

Knowing that I didn’t want to paint the wall, I narrowed it down to three options: new wallpaper, chalkboard paint or a push pin wall. Wallpaper was more expensive and time consuming than I wanted. Chalkboard paint seems liked a great idea but I wanted a neutral color. So, the push pin up wall became the main idea. Giving my husband the general idea, he came up with the details on how to “build” it.

To follow the 2017 Renovations, read details on each step and the final reveal: 2017 Complete Renovations.   


Our new Headboard, Pin Up Wall and Bathroom Barn Door…..


1.  Grab a cheap board of installation from your hardware store.

It’s large so make sure to bring your truck!

2. Cut to fit your wall. We decided to leave a cut-out for our smoke and CO detectors. This way it leaves a bit of the original but dated wallpaper behind it.

3.  Use any spray adhesive to glue the burlap to the insulation board. Our burlap was thin so we double wrapped it, sprayed them together and then sprayed the burlap to the installation board.

4.  Cut the corners so they wrap easier and smoother. You do not want the extra bulk because it needs to sit as flush with the wall as possible.

5.  Install!  We decided to use double sticky wall Velcro tape instead of screws or rivets. I liked the look of the plain flat wall so much that I didn’t want to see screws on the face of it.

The finished burlap wall with our green barn door at the entrance to our side bath.


Read about our Barn Bathroom Door. ]



Supplies Needed:
1 large foam insulation board

1 bolt of burlap. I bought a 10 yard bolt of “Natural Burlap” from Joann Fabrics. Item #10431252.

2 cans of Spray Adhesive

NOTE: I am not paid or receive products for free to blog. Everything you see here, we paid for ourselves. 


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