Memory Foam Couch

* This is part of our 2017 Renovation Series

Loki on the Couch

The Airstream / Argosy couches have never been known as comfortable. Our son sleeps on the couch and always complains how hard it is. We put an extra board of plywood under the thick upholstery foam and that helped but it’s still really uncomfortable to sit or use as a bed.

Read more about the original Groucho sofabed and our updates. 

A major problem, for me, is that my hopes sit between keeping our Argosy as original as much as possible but updating to current comfort standards. To keep the couch as original as possible requires us to keep the same structure and add memory foam to the current upholstery foam.  We looked at futon mattresses and memory foam mattresses but decided against them. They were too thick with the upholstery foam and would not “bend” properly when using this as a couch.

Continue reading for the full details and reveal!

Ikea Memory Topper


To add comfort to the couch, we bought an IKEA memory foam topper. We looked at several different options to buy the memory foam topper: Walmart, Overstock, Amazon and even Groupon. We bought at IKEA for a couple of reasons: quality, came with a cover and great reviews.

To follow the 2017 Renovations, read details on each step and the final reveal:  2017 Complete Renovations. 

Tussöy Mattress Topper – Full Size


The full size Tussöy Mattress Pad fits the Airstream / Argosy couch perfectly.  When we opened it, it did not have a smell like most memory foam does. Let, me repeat this….  it did not have a smell!  This was a big deal to us since I get fairly sick from the strong chemical smell of memory foam.  We opened it up in the trailer and laid it out on the open couch.  It requires about a day to totally release itself from being rolled up tight.  The Topper will be slightly larger than the original Groucho bed.

Just unrolled – takes about a day to completely unroll

All in all, adding a piece of plywood under the upholstery foam, then adding a memory foam topper can bring added comfort to the existing Airstream / Argosy couch.  It will never be plush as an expensive couch but for a fix, it’s definitely worth the effort!


Full Size Topper was $149


We bought the Tussöy Memory Foam Topper, in Full Size, at the Atlanta IKEA store in March 2017.

Usually, this Topper is available in their warehouse (note the aisle info on the red tag) but this was not. We had to pick it up at the “Furniture Pickup” area instead. This area, in Atlanta, is after the checkout in the corner between “Returns” and “Furniture Delivery.”  You pay first, take your receipt to the Furniture Pickup area…and wait for your order # to be called. It usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes on a busy Saturday.

NOTE: I am not paid or receive products for free to blog. Everything you see here, we paid for ourselves. 


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