* This is part of the 2017 Renovation Series.

The old disco ball.

I really cannot stand the typical RV type of ceiling lights. They are plastic functional looking lights made for 12V systems. Your ceiling lights have to be 12V in these Vintage Airstreams / Argosys unless you gut them and re-wire.

CLICK HERE for Step-By-Step Instructions with photos.

We did get rid of the long fluorescent ceiling lights and replaced them with a slightly updated RV light look. (see above picture)

To follow the 2017 Renovations, read details on each step and the final reveal: 2017 Complete Renovations.

Mike took a Crystal Disco Ball looking light (see above picture) that I bought at Home Depot and added a switch to it to make it 12V. H e installed this in the bedroom area. It was my favorite instant update. Sadly, we are changing the theme and decor and the light is getting replaced.
Continue reading for the full details and reveal!

Read about our Complete Lighting Issues during our Original Renovation.

The new living room area light is a stained glass mission vibe. It is a semi flush mount design that should give plenty of headspace.

Asheville Flush Mount Light

Close up of the light.

Beautifully lit up after installing a 12V switch.

To avoid all the typical 12V lighting, we bought a Kvarnä light from IKEA to use as a nightlight and ambient lighting. I put in a low wattage bulb so it gIves a glow vs a bright light.

IKEA Light for the Counter

Since we made DIY Headboards, the original nightlight in the rear bedroom could not be used. We bought small 12v lighting to install as night lights.

New bedroom 12v lighting

Small LED night light

New hanging light

Step-by-step Instructions:

1. Pick out your light fixture.

2. If it does not have a “switch” on the fixture (99% chance it will not), add a 12v light fixture switch. You can purchase this from any automobile store such as Advance Auto Parts.

3. Install your new light where your old one was located.

4. ONLY use12v light bulbs! Your new light will NOT work with regular light bulbs. In my area, only Home Depot sells these ….or Amazon.


IKEA Kvarnä Light

Asheville Flush Mount Stained Glass ceiling light. I got this as an Amazon Warehouse deal for a fraction of the normal cost.
Bedroom Night Lights from Amazon.

NOTE: I did not receive the products on this page for free to blog . Everything you see here, we paid for ourselves.


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