Goodbye Disco. Hello Fish Camp

* This is part of our 2017 Renovation Series.

Groovy 70’s, Pups and Pizza

The original design I had for our 1977 Argosy was a groovy vibe with a bright lime green countertop, decor touches of true orange, bamboo flooring and wild flower power.  For even more fun, I added a crystal disco ball looking light. This design has completely changed mostly due to the fact that the countertop was crumbling underneath and needed replaced.

I love all the current design updates on Airstreams / Argosys that are bright white or barn wood covering every surface. Here’s the problem… I am trying to keep the  original look and feel while updating for safety, comfort and style. I’ve settled on the colors of a Man’s Cave – Fish Camp.  Our family loves to fly fish so this is a natural change for us.

To follow the 2017 Renovations, read details on each step and the final reveal:

2017 Complete Renovations 

Here’s a Sneak Peek….

NOTE: I am not paid or receive products for free to blog. Everything you see here, we paid for ourselves. 


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