My Bathroom Walls Are Gross!

UPDATE:  The wallpaper didn’t last a full two days. All of it came crashing down. I’m now back to painting the walls a neutral color. I did add a cute fish towel rack!

Updated neutral color

Note: This is a 28′ Argosy side bath.

Our Argosy’s bathroom walls are a mix of the original cross hatch pattern from Airstream (love!) and a gross dirty icky looking off white. And we have tons of mysterious rivets through all of the walls.

I’ve been considering getting the stickup tile but the cost would be over $400. Real tile would be inexpensive but too heavy. While at Walmart, I stumbled on “moveable wallpaper”. There are many choices but I selected a green pattern with blues and white. I am trying to take this bathroom from ick to zen.

Continue reading for the full details and reveal!

Thankfully, before I made a cut, I realized that the pattern goes from left to right instead of up and down. This means a lot more work.

The paper has an adhesive already on it. All you have to do is peel and stick. Even in a small space, it was fairly easy to put up.

Here’s the problem…  The instructions say that it will not stick to textured surfaces. All Airstreams have a textured surface. :(.

I put up a couple of sheets as a test. I’ll go back in 24 hours to see if it stayed on the wall. I did a little trick though. I made sure that each section overlapped a lot so it would be like a puzzle and stick together.

Believe it or not, the corners were tightly put in but when I came back, they became “puffy”. These three walls will be covered in wall paper. If this doesn’t work, I am going to try a pattern paint roller from Etsy or Amazon.


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