Grandma’s Gaucho


He so dislikes this gaucho fabric.

Our son is getting too tall for the front gaucho to remain in the “couch” position which means we are going to have to pull it out to a bed every night. If you knew my son, you would understand why this is a pain. The kid does not pick up his shoes, put dishes in the dishwasher, turn off lights, etc. I am going to be responsible for changing the gaucho every morning. Ugh!

Usually, I throw a Full Sized quilt over the bed to hide the hideous Grandma fabric pattern. So far that has worked well to hide this ugly fabric.  The time has come to change the fabric. I could pick new fabric and send it off to a seamstress but I’m too cheap for that.  I do have an alternative by stealing the cushions from our Argosy Motorhome. Until we can decide what to do, those cushions are going into TarTar.

 Continue reading for the full details and reveal!

Inserting new memory foams


After much research, I noticed a lot of DIY’ers having great luck with chalk painting.
Basically, take chalk paint, dilute by 1/2 with water, spray down the fabric with water until damp, then paint. Do this three days in a row and the fabric is suppose to be transformed!  This will be my end-of-Summer project in two weeks. I’ll update the blog with progress pictures.

Read about our Update to the Goucho Coach since this post!
In the meantime, we are upgrading the foam insides to memory foam. We went with a 4″ thick so it would fit in the original fabric.


Many layers: original granny fabric with newer fabric from our Motorhome


So, I’m back to a new quilt (SteinMart, Full Size for $20) and new cushions/fabric until I have time to paint the old Granny fabric.


This is so cozy to hang out on a rainy camping day.


It is easy to update a Vintage trailer using creative inexpensive store finds from SteinMart (quilt), HomeGoods (chest/pillows) and even Zulily (Airstream pillow)! *

* I was not paid from these stores to advertise in my blog.


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