Bathroom Barn Door

When we bought our Argosy, the bathroom was a complete mess and the multiple previous owners did not use it. They had put a super large, tacky and gross accordion door in the bathroom entry. I knew a new out-of-the box solution would be required. Since I have always liked the idea of a sliding barn door for interiors, I thought it might work best for TarTar.

After searching Pinterest for Barn Doors in trailers, I ditched the search and found this picture under a general Barn Door search:

My Inspiration

We already had a Barn Door in place but it was a heavy door from Home Depot. During traveling, the door had to be locked shut tightly to keep it from slamming back and forth.


Original Barn Door


The color didn’t go with the new Manly Fish Camp theme so we changed up the door a bit. I purchased a plain 24″ hollow core door from Home Depot; then added beaded board and molding around the edge. A great low cost alternative!

Green Barn Door at night with original wallpaper


Green Barn Door during Daytime with original wallpaper


I purchased a quart of paint from our local Friendly Ace Hardware store….


Swatch from Ace Hardware


The color swatch comes across a lot more brighter than the door appears once hung. This part of our trailer is naturally dark when the lights are off. I knew I would need a brighter hue than normal or else the color would get lost in the dark hallway.

I am considering putting a custom flat mirror on the top section or black chalkboard paint.
Check out our 2017 Renovations for a new look!  We added Headboards, a Pin Up Wall, Fresh Paint…. and Kept the Barn Door!
[ 2017 Complete List of Renovations and Final Reveal! ]

New Updated Look for 2017!


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