Easter 2015 – Camping

Since Easter always is during Spring Break, we usually go away to camp. Last year, sadly, I did not plan 365 days in advance and ended up camping where we could find an open spot. It was not spectacular!  This year, we were able to get a spot at Gulf Shores, AL State Park Campground.

There are 496 campsites within the park’s 11.5 square miles; all have electrical, water, and sewage hook-ups….plus rustic cabins on stilts!  There are plans to build a small lodge and conference center. This has been delayed over citizens concerned about using Deepwater Horizon recovery funds from the Gulf Oil Spill.


TarTaruga at Gulf State Park

We paid for an “off water site with indirect water view”. That was the description we were given.  Across the small camp road is a slight view of the campground lake in between other trailers, tents or RV’s.

This campground has enough to keep you busy: golf course, nature trails & hikes, nature center (live snake show!), pool, splash pad, dog friendly lake/beach (comes with alligators) and more!

Read All About It After The Break….

Do alligators eat tweens? On our camp site

The beach is about 1 mile away and fairly easy to bike to. There is a spot for you to chain up your bike.

There is some controversy amongst the RV people and somewhat local campers. Apparently, this campground allows “snowbirds”. I believe there is a limited quantity of snowbird spots and they book up fast. Some people prefer they go elsewhere so somewhat locals can use those spots. Face it….this area loves snowbirds for the off season revenue. 

Let me put this out there now… 

  • There is NO cable TV here (or even a hookup for our TV for local channels)
  • Wifi sucks. They say they are trying to improve but with over 450 sites, that might be a pipe dream. 
  • You can not reserve a specific spot in advance. It’s walk in, get a spot. Again, they are suppose to have a new system in 2015. 

We had spot 10 which is a back end site. Just a couple of yards away was spot 469, a pull in site, had a water view.

We did not stay at this site but might next time!

fresh veggies, honey bells, boiled peanuts & carrot cake

Every camper, trailer, RV or tent had bikes attached. Bringing a bike is almost mandatory here.  It is so easy to bike to the pool, nature center, beach but not the golf course or zip line. Those are a bit further away.

Mike describes the golf course as “fast with medium difficulty”.

Nickster golfing on the State Park’s course

And when you travel with tween boys, you will have a need to do laundry!  The wash is $2.00 and dryer is $1.25. Tip;  add money to the dryer before it’s completed to save money!

Impressive Laundry Setup!

This could be our Spring Break campground every year!!


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