Decor Overhaul…

After two years of living with a groovy look for our beloved Argosy, “Tartaruga”, I have decided to scale down the color and make it more of a Man Cave.

A Quick Sneak Peek!

This quilt is coming off as white. It’s more of a natural color. I am still undecided about the peacock blue pillows. They are leftover from the old color scheme.

A new countertop has been ordered. It is a Formica FX product called Dolce Macchiato. Since the width of the countertop is an odd one, we had to special order it which means a month until delivery.

For those wondering, the measurements of this (green & soon to be macchiato) countertop is 5’5″ length x 27″ depth (not including the backsplash which is included in cost but not measured).

For the generations of the front goucho:

Top:  Original couch as when we bought it 

Bottom:  The “groovy” color scheme

                  ❁´) ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)


Next is the bathroom. It will be 80% renovated.


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