Kitchen Counter 

UPDATE:  We bought a countertop from IKEA & installed it ourselves. 

Well, the reason I fell in love with our Argosy, the green kitchen counter, is now going to have to go. The particle wood underneath is crumbling due to a prior owner leak.

The countertop is what I used to decorate the entire trailer which allowed me to do a groovy lime and teal and orange color scheme.  With a change of color, it is time to change the over all theme from 70’s groove to updated woodsy.

Read All About The Details After The Break….


This is where the confusion and complaining starts!  I want something appealing and hardworking but I do not want something standard looking…..and it has to be lightweight. After months of searching, I found a Formica product, FX, that looks awesome. FX has “real” wood, marble and granite looks. The countertop I picked is Dolce Macchiato.  It has to be special ordered.

There are a ton of problems:

First off, Home Depot and Lowe’s have the snottiest “kitchen designers” that refuse to waste their time on you if you are buying Formica. The looks and comments we got were ridiculous!  The designers at our Lowe’s refused to leave their chairs to show us the product and choices!!!  The designer at Home Depot asked the appliance employee, across the aisle, to help us because we want a cheap product that she never sells!!  Even when we sheepishly said it was for an RV, they continued to look down at us.


Then when we gave the measurements, the designer had to help the appliance employee because we have a “not standard” measurement. Our countertop is 27″ vs the standard 24 or 36″. Oh! The Horror!  So instead of explaining it would be custom, we were told it would take weeks or months. Basically trying to convince us not to buy the product and without trying to convince us to buy granite or wood. She basically wanted us gone vs up selling us.

Finally, we refused to leave unless we received a quote (because they refused to enter it as a sale since she was too busy to confirm details with us!), we received the wrong pricing and they were demanding we pay for installation.  I am quite sure the installers will be thrilled installing in a travel trailer!  Not to mention that it’s $6 a sq ft extra for install. When I asked for the installation to be removed from the quote, I was told that the price will be less than the quote if I don’t want it installed. So, no, I would not be getting a revised quote!


A trip to the paint section for a different project led me straight to a painted countertop product. It took me all of 5 seconds to determine that this is my quick fix until I find a place that wants my money for Formica!


This product comes in 16 to table colors. We selected “Wheat”. Make sure to have disposable gloves, WELL ventilated area (this stuff SMELLS ICKY!!!!) and disposable brushes.

After using the Rustoleum Countertop Paint, the countertop loses it groovy green….


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