Single Couch/Gaucho into A Double

A great idea to add extra sleeping space in a Motorhome or RV! Easy to decorate and update. Throw a quilt over it for a quick update!

From my albeit limited research, it appears that the Argosy 24 Motorhome came with a SPO couch. What is a SPO? Single. Pull. Out.

We all know that in the 70’s, people were thinner so perhaps two people could fit on a SPO but sadly we can not.

Continue reading for our solution


The PO (previous owner) did not have much original to this Argosy so he refitted it with current RV materials. He did a fabulous job and because of his quality measures, we bought the Motorhome. But we quickly realized that we needed sleeping for a minimum of three people. The two SPO couches were not going to work for us. We ended up finding a comfy futon from IKEA for $229 and bought a thick mattress pad for $79.



Here is the tricky part, after days of research, we were finding it difficult to find a sofa bed that was under 81″. The space between the kitchen counter and the driver’s seat is a tight 81″. Almost all sofa beds are 83″. And then there is the floor space problem when you open it up. Really challenging.
One other small problem, specific to us, is that the PO installed a handmade table and it is directly in the way of our new futon. So that will have to be relocated. Notice the big silver disc in the floor….that is where the table installs into.


It took my husband and son about an hour to de-install the current couch and install the new IKEA futon. The mattress is memory foam and it took overnight to fully expand. I like the extra IKEA mattress pad but I think I will replace it with 2.5″ memory foam for more comfort.



The futon is a tight fit, the frame goes all the way to the driver’s chair and it takes up A LOT of floor space but it works for two!

Unfortunately, the tambour doors did not fit under the futon. We tried several solutions but none were really going to work out. I refuse to get rid of them so I will store them in our garage. I’ll find some super groovy baskets to fit under the futon to hold misc stuff and enhance the look.


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