Manly Glamping Moose


With something that looks like this, it was going to be beyond my capabilities to make it girlie inside. My husband and son begged me for no bright tropical colors and more manly inside. I took the challenge and decided a subtle red, white (/beige) and blue theme.

For a sneak peek, continue reading….


Our Argosy Motorhome is 24′ long. It’s small compared to the big RV’s with tons of slides, fancy furniture and large kitchen. We knew we were never going to sink that much cash into a newer rig so we went with what we know, an Argosy.

One sunny Saturday in March 2014, we drove “Moose” home from the mechanics in Knoxville. Performance Truck and RV in Heiskell, TN checked it over, mechanically, and fixed a couple of things. Mike had no issues driving it the three and half hours hours home to the ATL. He did mentioned that with windy weather, he feels a sway.

I should mention that our poor neighbors completely hate us and now that the ugly Moose is in our driveway, I’m waiting for the petitions to kick us out of the neighborhood to appear. We have five days until it needs to be moved. 😜. And Moose won’t always be ugly. We hope to have it painted within 60 days.


First things first, the PO had to replace the couches and re-vamp the because this unit was gutted when he bought it. He did a fabulous job with the recovering but the pattern was not my style. He added lazy boy foam for the seating. I simply bought a twin quilt from SteinMart and used it as a slip cover. Add in some Ikea pillows and the couch is more neutral. To be fair, I always “slipcover” or put a quilt on everything to protect it from kid messes and dog fur.


For the main couch behind the driver’s seat, we decided to replace it with a futon. A simple reason for doing this… We needed a place to sleep! It took Mike days and days of research to find something that was not $1000 to fit this spot. The length had to be around 81″ and most sofa couches are 83″. We found a futon from IKEA that would, hopefully, allow us to keep the front face of the tambours.


The bathroom will get scrubbed down and then the bath and sink will get an all white expoxy.


This cute little handmade bench will be taken out. In it’s place, a chest or cabinet to hold extra things (storage is low!) and a tv on top. The bench looks cute but for our purposes, we can’t use it. It pains me to take it out since the PO took great pride in crafting it.


The PO re-did the kitchen and it looks fabulous! I love that he took out the huge double sinks and installed a smaller bar sink. It frees up a lot of needed countertop space. The downside is that it doesn’t have a fridge. So, the microwave has to come out and sit on top of the counter while the fridge takes it’s place in the cabinet area.


Usually, the first thing we do is rip out the floor and replace it with Pergo or a laminate but the PO put down a super heavy grade linoleum flooring that looks fabulous! I can’t tell you how happy I am that we don’t have to do that messy nasty job!


Other than that, I plan on taking it slow with the glamping. I am going to hit thrift stores and flea markets for the perfect artwork and decor. It will be paper plates & plastic forks & red solo cups for a while.


I feel the need to mention that Argosy in Italian means fleet. Since we have an Argosy trailer and Motorhome, our fleet has begun!


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