Argosy Motorhome

I really do not know how to start this post because my fear is that I am going to start looking like a Vintage Trailer hoarder. Gosh, let’s hope not!

As you may know, we have a 28ft Argosy trailer trailer and a 11ft Aristocrat camper. And soon a 24ft Argosy Motorhome (or RV depending on where you are from).


Let me start at the beginning….

My 11 year old son has been begging me to let him take over the Aristrocrat as his “boy cave”. I was tempted. Very tempted because maybe I could find that elusive Shasta or Frolic that I’ve always wanted. The one with the huge front window with matching side windows and a potty closet.

The search for a new vintage camper all for myself started. Again, this is the exciting part. The hunt. The chase. The negotiations. Which all lead to the glamping! Oh sweet joy!

Sadly, there was no joy. After trying to purchase over ten different vintage campers, we were beaten to the punch every single time. The horror! Well, ok maybe not that dramatic. But it sure was frustrating as heck! Each time we lost one, I would try to convince myself that it was for the best because the perfect vintage camper is just around the corner. Finally, after spending most of my days (my husband too!) scouring the internet for the perfect one, we agreed to stop. We didn’t give up but merely paused. After all, the house needs cleaned. The garden needs planted. The kid needs schooled. And so on.

Realizing that my need to search vintage campers on the internet is still an addiction, I thought I would do casual searches on Argosy just to see what others are doing/camping/selling theirs for.


And then it happened…. I saw an Argosy Motorhome for sale less than an hour away.

I’ve seen, online, the pepto bismol pink Argosy Motorhome before but never paid any attention to it. It’s pretty ugly. Do a google search on Argosy Motorhome & you will see what I mean.


For All Of Our Renovations on “Moose”, click here.


The Argosy not far from us has the back salon area that is a horseshoe shaped couch that converts to a full. The best trailer/RV is the one that has a full view out the back since that is where you back into. This type of Argosy Motorhome has the bathroom in the middle & it takes up way too much space. There is a dinette and the kitchen stove is directly behind the driver’s chair. Directly behind!. Just not a good setup for comfort. So my husband decided to take over the search. He has always leaned towards an RV vs trailer trailer.


Mike found another Argosy Motorhome for sale near my Mom’s in TN. That one was all original, decent shaped and sold within hours. The $2000 price tag helped. Expanding the search into all of TN, we found another Argosy MH that had been gutted and re-done inside with the outside needing a complete paint job. I should dust off my copy of A Tale of Two Cities. This MH had been listed over a month ago. Surely it was sold already. A quick email and we found out that it was available! The bad (I.e. expensive news) is that it needs tires. That’s an extra $1500. Everything else seems to be in great shape. So we made an appt to see and possibly buy it.

My boys have made me promise that I will not have any girlie colors, at all, in it. They have affectionately named it “Moose”.

More details and photos to come.





And the Final Look….



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