Wytheville KOA


The Blue Ridge Mountains. Wytheville KOA. Loki & Lola sleeping on the car ride.

Our first campground! We needed to travel to WV for a family reunion and wanted to break up our trip. About 6 hours from Atlanta, is the Wytheville, VA KOA.

We had planned to leave around 6am but eventually left at Noon. Although we got to the campground later than hoped, everything was ready for us to check in.

The staff and new owners were fantastic! They just started offering propane to refill the tanks (ours really needed it!). The bath house (attached to the check-in building) was clean.

We were parked in space 35, a back-in space. I definitely do not recommend the pull thru’s. these spaces were tighter than a…. Well, you know. In all seriousness, you would not be able to use an awning or slide in those spaces. And please pass the toilet paper!

There is a Flying J at this exit as well. The owner of the Wytheville KOA recommended that we sign up for a (free) Flying J card to save on supplies. We actually used this Flying J on the way back home to get gas and use their dump station.


A funny story about our first camp night…..

I never got around to making curtains for the back bedroom’s windows. I don’t even have curtains in my bedroom at home! It’s a “Sandy” thing about wanting to look out and not collect dust on window coverings. We do have a strong blackout film on the all of TarTar’s windows. I found that while we are sleeping, a couple of our dogs like to hang out up against the back windows since it’s panoramic and they can see everyone coming and going. So it’s about 3am and I am awakened by red lights. A lot of small little red lights. Chaleigh, our Westie, wakes up from those red lights too. I keep rubbing my eyes and trying to figure what red lights are on in TarTar and reflecting on the windows. I was half asleep, very disorientated and extremely confused. I actually try to wake up Mike and tell him the aliens are coming for us.

The next morning, I wake up and notice a large Penske (think U Haul) truck with a tent next to it. Obviously someone came in late, camped out on their way to their new home/location. It also explains all the red lights… there are tons of them on the back of those trucks! So, we were relieved to realize that the Aliens were not after us and we had a decent night sleep in TarTar.


First Camping Dinner…. Mini Pizza and Skinny Cowgirl Margarita!


We did have one problem we did not anticipate…. not a long enough hose for the water. The water hookup is at the front and the electric and sewer is at the back. So, we could not use TarTar’s bathroom at this stop. We did find a Walmart along the way and got a longer water hose just in case this happens again. The spaces here are not super wide but the back in’s have more space than the pull thrus. I suspect this is true at most places.


Spot 35. There was not room to park in front of TarTar.



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