Help! Is this a Bathroom???

The last major reno project for Tartaruga is the bathroom. Everything about our Vintage 1977 Argosy travel trailer was in great condition when we bought it in April 2013…. except the side bath. It’s pretty tragic. Well, I’ve seen worse (MUCH worse). This one area is going to cost me a lot to fix up.

The faucet is getting replaced to match the new one in the kitchen.


I know we need a new bathtub because the current one is too small ($350+). The divider between the bathtub and sink will be see through…. either glass or plexiglass.

The walls will probably be tiled with a peel and stick tile made for bathrooms and kitchens. This is an easy glamp but pricey. I am trying to decide between sea glass green or sea blue.



I really want to paint the cabinetry to freshen it up. The old plastic has discolored. I am thinking about taking out the original medicine cabinet and the bottom tambour (accordion) door and spray painting those to match. If I use a peel and stick tile product for the walls, then I will probably spray paint them to match a color from the tile.

FRP is going in all around the tub area to protect from water overspray or leaks.

I have finally found the perfect place for Barn Doors! I think installing a barn door type of setup will look great for the bathroom entrance instead of the crazy ugly accordion doors.

So, here’s the current bath….. Any suggestions?






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