Replacing the Fan

We have two vents in TarTar: one upfront that is a fan and one in the back bedroom that is not a fan. Both are original to 1977. The back bedroom is stifling without a fan!

We purchased a Fantastic Fan for the bedroom from Camping World for $119. Two months later, it came on sale for less than $60! We made sure to buy another one in hopes of replacing the original later in the fall.

20130527-114529.jpgMemorial Day 2013 Sales Ad

Before we could install this fan, we needed to buy a special part from Fantastic Fan to retrofit it to Argosys and Airstreams. Mike called the company and for $12 they sent us the part. This part goes inside up on the ceiling. It is needed because Argosy’s and Airstreams have a curved ceiling vs the other travel trailer brands.

20130527-115152.jpgSpecial $12 part from Fantastic Fan

We also purchased from Camping World for $20, two Vent Covers to protect the interior from rain, dust, bugs, etc.

20130527-115429.jpg$20 Vent Covers

We did not buy the most expensive Fantastic Fan. As a matter of fact, we bought the least expensive fan….and vent cover. I would love to have the fan with remote control and automatic close when raining but it’s unnecessary for our needs.

Unfortunately for Mike, it was hot as Hades (Hotlanta Sun is hot!) and it made the job longer than he wanted it too.

20130527-115838.jpgMike rigged up a ladder and platform to protect himself

Getting the original fan off/out was easy. He had read that sometimes the crank side can be near impossible to snap off but not for us. The hard part was getting the near concrete Vulkem off the roof side of the fan. He started with a putty knife to get the easy Vulkem off. He then needed to use a wood chisel to get the harder stuff off.

20130527-120339.jpgMagic Mike

Mike thought it would take an hour to get the rest of the junk off so he could see the rivets that need removed but he took a chance and used a stripping wheel. Presto!


It took four hours of removing / destruction. Two Majors Learned: don’t remove the screen first (it helps collect misc junk) and use a stripping wheel (to get down to the rivets) and wood chisel (to get the bulk stuff off).

All installed and works great! It really moves some air through the back! It has 10 blades vs the circa 1977’s 5 blade fan. Notice the special ordered part from Fantastic Fan…. It fits smooth up against the ceiling of Tartaruga.


We did have one serious mishap…. Mike has pretty bad sunburn on the back of his legs and knees from being on the roof.


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