Paintable Wallpaper

I am so silly excited about a recent find in Home Depot!!!! Paintable Wallpaper!


I have been wanting to cover up the plywood wall up against the stove in TarTar’s kitchen and knew I wanted a copper look. I thought the square tiles at Home Depot for kitchen back splashes might work but at $20 per square, Ouch! Online, I had stumbled onto a copper colored wallpaper but it was over $100 per roll and I would need at least two for my project.

Nick and I were searching Home Depot’s paint dept for the spray paint and literally walked right into the display of paintable wallpaper. They had four different designs and the above picture was by far the nicest. It was $12.97 for 11 yards/1 roll.

We did a test strip of the Shiny Copper spray paint and the Hammered Copper spray paint. In the sun on my work table, the hammered looks much better. But inside TarTar, the shiny really pops!


The next time TarTar is back in the driveway, painting and installing this wallpaper is job #1!



One acronym: P.I.T.A (trying to keep it clean).

This idea, at first, seemed perfect but has been such a frustrating joke. Here’s why:

  • One Coat of Copper spray paint. Then one coat of clear gloss enamel spray paint. Problem: the clear gloss did not make it glossy but made it dull and uneven
  • My husband decided to “spot” spray areas where it appeared that the clear gloss took off the copper. This left “gray copper” spots and made it uneven.
  • Obviously, another coat of copper was needed to even out the spot spray. This actually was interesting because it was dull looking after the clear gloss spray but super shiny after another copper spray. Chemical reaction?

The dull part was the clear gloss enamel spray. The shiny part is another copper spray coat after the clear spray coat. Odd!20130531-220638.jpg

This is what it might look like installed. It’s not glued to the wall yet because I was not sure it would work out.

I just can not convince myself to install this wallpaper. Just from putting it in place to see what it looks like….. there was already a chip.

I love the look but think I should have paid the $100 for the plastic wallpaper I saw online. I’m off to Home Depot to explore the peel and stick vinyl backsplash tile that is suppose to look very similar to real glass and stone backsplashes.



Although I love the look, in my opinion, this is not a great product for painting. We did try “regular” paint vs the spray paint and it still chipped/flaked off. . I am now looking at peel and stick vinyl tile for the bathroom… well as the area in the kitchen where the wallpaper was going to go.

Update! This is what I decided to do with this wall: faux copper tiles from Home Depot. Approx $20 per tile.


3 thoughts on “Paintable Wallpaper

    • kitcatsz says:

      Thanks for the comment! I can’t wait to see it finished too!!! 😀
      I did use a Clorex Disposable Wipe on it once it dried. Very little if any at all came off on the wipe. But your comment has me thinking that I might want to use a spray clear gloss over it to protect the copper spray paint. This is next weekend’s main project along with new faucets.

      • moneyortime says:

        A quick spray of gloss would protect it very well and make it a lot easier to clean…plus it would add to the shininess!!! Cannot wait to see it

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