Outside Glamping

Some outside Glamping for Tartaruga….


Outside Styling


Our first breakfast at Tartaruga! I have been so insanely anxious to start the outside Glamping that I decided to have breakfast in our driveway!! Yes, the mean HOA lady was staring at us from across the street.

When did the HOA rules change and state that you can not have a muffin in your front yard?!?!

The green chairs came from Publix for $17.

The table came from Big Lots for $30. It is fabulous because it is adjustable to short to very high.

The table cloth is 20 years old. My Mom bought it for me when we were vacationing in San Francisco. She purchased it in Chinatown. It has a million stains but is too dear to me to throw away.

The “juice” /wine glasses are bubble glass from World Market. I’ve had these for a dozen years and probably paid $4 a piece for them.

The outdoor carpet was bought at Home Depot and cost $12.

The kid and the pups in the picture….. Priceless!

This is just a start! I didn’t want to go all out and ensure a visit from mean HOA lady.


More to Follow! Gotta upload the photos!


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