Glamping Update for Comfort…


Chaleigh, my flower child, enjoying the new mattress.


Currently, the two twins in the back of our Argosy has 4″ high density foam as mattresses. They were ok and completely functional. But, of course, I wanted something more comfortable. We sleep on a memory foam mattress at home and decided to add memory foam to Tartaruga.

After extensive researching, I found that a 4″ vs a 2″ or 3″ would work the best. I looked at every local discount store and found that Overstock had the best deal.

I purchased from Overstock a king size Serta 4″ memory foam mattress with 2 pillows for $123 (free shipping and I had a 20% discount code to get to that price).


Once it was delivered and had it unfold for two days, Mike took an electric knife and cut the foam into two twins. There were some extra pieces that I plan on making into a couple of dog beds.


Nick with Lola and Zac


Nick tried out the new 8″ high bed (4″ of high density foam / 4″ of memory foam) with Lola and Zac. Nick actually fell asleep on it the first night it was installed.

…. And we re-did the “bumpers” in the back with a deep turquoise colored fabric. It’s noticeable in the top picture.


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