Painting Tartaruga


Old Paint on TarTar

When we bought TarTar, we were told it was professionally painted. I have no idea why they only painted the very bottom when most Argosy’s are painted halfway up one color and the top half a different color.


We used this specific product for it’s double coverage


I knew that the ugly “rust” primer color was going to have to go. After some research, I found out that a lot of people were actually using (wait for it)…. Spray Paint! Oddly, I was able to convince Mike to try the spray paint.


Mike hard at work


I had originally wanted a bright shiny copper after seeing an Argosy painted with it. Mike wanted a hammered copper look. After doing a test try of both (shiny looked too fake, hammered looked too similar to the ugly original color), we decided to go bold with green! After all, Our vintage trailer is named after a turtle!


Old vs. New


This paint job was a grand total of $9. $3 per can of paint (we used two) and $3 for the painters tape.


Old Rust Color vs. New Turtle Color



Loving the new color. We did have some over spray that needs addressed.


…. A full on daylight picture. The green is similar to British Racing Green.


Looks bright but it is slightly darker than this pic shows


Another picture with my birthday flowers.


My birthday flowers look great with the new color!



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