Misc Glamping

This blog post will be updated whenever a new glamping pic/project becomes available.

May 7th: front lounge trim

The orangish strip that goes around the front lounge was missing. I really didn’t have a lot of time or energy to search online for replacements. Instead, I found some interesting scrapbook paper as a long term temporary solution.

Mike measured and cut while Nick and I inserted them in the slot.


Random Scrapbook Paper for a quick fix

May 8: Faceplates.

The faceplates on TarTar are original. They have yellowed and look super ugly. I bought 6 plain white faceplates from Home Depot, sprayed them copper (to match the copper trim throughout) and they look fabulous!


Shiny, Glossy Copper Spray Paint from Michaels

May 9, 2013: Speakers


The faceplates turned out great so we decided to update the speaker cases. All the speaker cases had faded and turned multiple shades of faded plastic yellow. Mike sprayed them with the shiny copper paint. I think they turned out fabulous!

May 10: Cute Photo Frames


Thanks Jesse and Rachel for the cute photo frame!


Don’t you love this cute little photo frame? It was our place card holder at my nephew’s and his new bride’s wedding reception. I needed something adorable and small for photo frames and this is perfect!


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