Lighting Issues

TarTar's crystal ball

Instagram Photo of Bedroom Light


First, look at that fabulous light! It’s TarTar’s first major “glamp”! I knew I wanted the back bedroom to be totally glamped up and after weeks of indecision, I finally settled on this crystal light from Home Depot.


Home Depot Pricing as of 5/2013


It was a bit tricky to install and to work! Mike knew he needed to install an on-off switch (sourced from an auto parts store) but he didn’t realize that a normal lightbulb would not work. Once he took down the original old ugly disc looking light and installed the new one, it would light. After a bit of thought, he switched the lightbulbs and instantly had light! He bought the 12 volt light bulb from Home Depot.


Just Installed!


Luckily, that was an easy fix but the remainder of our lights are still a quandary. We had bought three fabulous square lights for the front, kitchen and hall. We decided on square to carry the look throughout the ceiling with the square fans and air conditioner. Once, we opened the first box, we knew they wouldn’t work. Way too heavy and only 2 screws. We could’ve put more screws in to secure them but the weight worried me. So back they go to Home Depot.


Returned to Home Depot… too heavy!


A visit to our local Camping World helped with sourcing some alternative lighting. They are not fancy but are efficient.


Camping World Bargain!


These were $13.99 (with Good Sam member discount). They did come with the lightbulbs but not the screws. Odd! We purchased four of them: one to replace bathroom fluorescent, one to replace original round hallway light fixture and two to replace the kitchen (ceiling, not over sink) and front lounge fluorescent.


Mike & Helper Nick


Unfortunately, these are 11 1/2″ vs the 18″ current fluorescent so we will have to cover up about four screw holes per fluorescent.

It took Mike and Nick about 15 minutes per light to install. I love the smaller fluorescent lighting. It makes the area appear a bit larger than those older clunky fluorescent lights that were there when we bought TarTar.

The finished project:


Looks more streamlined & updated



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