Celebrating in Tartaruga


My boys surprised me with champagne & juice boxes


My Birthday was a seriously rainy, stormy day. We had plans of going to TarTar for “happy hour” but with the torrential rains and lightening, it didn’t seem like a smart decision. But, we did need to do a check on the leak situation. Assuming there is a leak situation.

We gathered up some champagne, juice boxes, cheese and crackers in the cooler and headed to the storage lot where TarTar is located.

A few interesting items to note:

  • Although it was a bit muggy outside, it was cool inside TarTar. To the point that I needed a sweater.
  • The fridge was not on but inside was somewhat cool. We figured because it was cooler inside TarTar.
  • There were NO leaks. Should I say that again? There were NO leaks! Amazing surprise!!

My boys: Nick & Mike


Notice my new purchase? We found the “bicycle” trunk from Home Goods for $60. This area was screaming for a coffee table that could double as storage. The trunk will store Nick’s blanket and pillow when he is not sleeping on the couch. Since Argosy is an Italian word, it is super cool that this trunk has maps of an Italian city.

I am really happy with our purchase of this Argosy. We usually visit TarTar once a week. Last week, we had lunch in TarTar while Mike took some measurements. This week we celebrated my birthday. We are finding that TarTar is becoming a mini- second home even while in storage. Luckily, the owners of the storage lot haven’t complained to us about our visits.

This week, we get down to the start of renovations. TarTar will be back in our driveway on Thursday. The first thing to go is the nasty uneven peel and stick tile floor. We are replacing it with a vinyl laminate type of floor from Home Depot (Allure). We picked the light “cork” look. We ordered four boxes from Home Depot online. We estimate it to take about 3 boxes and a plank out of the 4th.


Home Depot as of 5/2013


I can’t wait until the renovations get started and we bring TarTar to glory she deserves!


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