Sourcing Supplies….


A full day at Home Depot, Lowes, Big Lots, Ray’s (for pizza!) and Camping World in Woodstock for supplies and prices on upgrades.

I think I’ve decided on the above light for the back bedroom. A girl’s gotta have some glamour in her bedroom even if it is twin beds! We also are trying to decide between these two lights for the front, kitchen & middle of the trailer:



NOTE: We bought the crystal ball light but had to return the other lights. Check out post for “why”.

Share your opinions!

At Big Lots, we thought about buying some plastic Ariondack chairs for outside glamping but instead bought a $30 “game day” table for our crockpot setup outside.

At Home Depot, we scored a $20 6 x 8 outdoor carpet and some ideas for glamping up the interior walls along with “Allure” vinyl plank floors in “cork”.


Camping World was a pricey venture. You can spend a ton of money on stupid shit there. And a lot of money on necessary shit there. Not to mention that Nick *had* to use the restroom there. #tmi.

We got a Fantastic Fan for the back bedroom that was sorely needed along with outdoor fan covers. Some collapsible kitchen stuff, tire blocks, clip on mirrors and assorted misc shit. Truly an expensive day at Camping World but all needed when restoring a vintage camper.

At Big Lots, we also scored our mascot, Tartaruga, for $15:


The cat in the background is our Daffodil. She is priceless because she is one tricky kitty. No one in the house messes with her!

To fix the bathroom and shower, we need a speciality PVC backboard that resists mold and water. We have used this prospect in the past in our previous business and it worked well.


Not sure how the entire bath is going to be fixed since it is pretty tragic but we will have to fix the shower (has wooden walls! Oh my!) and the outside shower mess (holes in the skin! An Airstream Sin!). Not to mention that there are no doors on the bathroom. #gross


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