Tartaruga’s Home Away From Home


The HOA police (aka nosy mean neighbor) has ruled that Tartaruga needs to be stored elsewhere.

After calling around to no less than 10 storage facilities, I found that all have similarities (gravel, gated, 24 access) and the same price…. $75/month. I did find one place at $50/month but it looked too shady to me.

We decided to go with Midway Storage for several reasons:

    The owners live on-site and next to the RV lot
    There was something about my conversation with the owner on the phone that gave me confidence that TarTar will be safe & secure.
    It is very close and near a Walmart for supplies.


Once we got to the storage facility, we were given a tour of where TarTar will be located. We really scored a great space! The left of it is nothing. The right of it is a car trailer that apparently hardly gets used. And we have easy pull in and back up.


Although it is pricey at $75, at least it is super secure and we are supporting a local small business.

This is the last of the “beginning” process of our adventure. The next postings will be focused on the details and our first camping trip!


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