Registering / Titling Tartaruga


Online, It was impossible to determine how to title or register a vintage trailer in Georgia not to mention how much.

I took the completed title from the PO to our local tag office to determine the process. Here is the scoop:

A trailer older than 1979 does not need to be titled but ALL trailers (travel, boat, motorcycle etc) are required to be registered.

You can title any trailer (even older than 1979).

IF you choose to ONLY register a trailer in the State of Georgia, you can NOT re-title it!!!

As of March 2013, there is no ad valorem tax. Instead there is sales tax. For example, a $1000 trailer would cost $70 to title and $12 to register.

To register ONLY cost me $12 for the metal tag. Renewal every year in my birthday month. A true bargain!

When we sell Tartaruga (our travel trailer), we will turn over our registration and a Bill of Sale so the next owner can get it registered. BUT it can never be titled in Georgia again since we did not title it. We are the first Georgia owners of this travel trailer.

It was pretty basic and super quick to change the ownership and get it tagged. They even gave me back the original title from the PO for our records.

If you have any questions about this post just let me know. It truly was super easy with no pain!

…. This is a good post to talk about insurance. We insured through USAA for $144 per year. That includes collision and comprehensive. Liability is automatically extended to anything we tow using our already insured tow vehicle.


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