HOA Police aka Nosy Neighbor


Quicker than a dog can bark at a cat, our wonderful (insert sarcastic voice) nosy neighbor who bitches about everything has given us a warning to get Tartaruga out of the subdivision before Thursday.

Our HOA allows a travel trailer to sit in your driveway for no longer than 5 days. We can take it away, for a day, and bring it back for another 5 days. No exceptions. #stupid.

After calling around several storage spaces, we decided to go with Midway Storage. Mostly because the owners live on the property and it’s across the street from a Walmart. It will cost us $75 per month. I found a place that is $60 per month but really difficult to get in and out of.

To be fair, I totally understand HOA rules but not to give an extension until the weekend (3 while days!) is stupid. Especially considering this nosy neighbor’s husband had his small box motorcycle trailer parked in their driveway 24/7 for years!. And another neighbor has a full fledged RV in their driveway. Not to mention the commercial vehicles that several neighbors keep in their driveways. All against HOA rules.

A Note About Storage:

Since we have not registered Tartaruga yet and titles are not required in Georgia for trailers this old, we are in a pickle to rent storage space. The storage companies require proof of ownership. Tricky since we have not been to DMV yet!


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