Let the Glamping Begin!

With Tartaruga (name of our Argosy) in the driveway for all of 15 minutes, I started opening up the purchases and glamping!

The Couch


Although Nick and I think the couch is a torture chamber when extended, Mike tried it out today and ….. Likes it! Personally, I think he doesn’t want to have the project of replacing the couch on his immediate list.

Unfortunately, both Mike and I do not fit on the couch at the same time so this one is Nick’s. This actually could work well for us since the back twin area is just really fabulous! Tons of room and lots of windows with the panorama windows.

The goal is to live with this original sofa until some of the other more major items are fixed/replaced/repaired. Throwing a colorful quilt over it is a quick fix.

The Back Bedroom


This is the first area that I plan on tackling. I really want to lighten this up with decorating. I am not a fan of stripes so I plan on making new curtains and “bumpers”. I really want to paint but that is going to have to wait until next year. There are other pressing items to look at.

…..and the adorable pup in the pictures? That is my baby, Loki. He is a Silky Terrier and my co-pilot.


2 thoughts on “Let the Glamping Begin!

  1. Gerald Dowling says:

    Like your taste in colors. Have a 77 Argosy myself. Just got the new floor and floating floor over it. Question what did you do about the 1 and 1’2 ” vinyl moulding insert towards the bottom of the trailer. My origin one was orange, would prefer red for replacement.

    • kitcatsz says:

      Gerald – Thanks for the compliment. Based on the page that you left the comment, we have completely changed the look. If interested, check out this page for some of what the major changes were. Would love to see your upgrades!

      As for the Orange moulding, one of the Previous Owner’s had already removed all outside trim (assuming you are talking about the outside trim). But you can buy it, in red, from Vintage Trailer Supply. We are currently repainting ours and do not plan on re-installing the trim.

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