First thoughts about driving & towing


Leaving TarTar’s Old Home


Our first mile went smoothly!

The second mile was a true test….which proved to be a success.

During the second mile, we had left turns, right turns, a bridge, railroad tracks, about a dozen yard sales and two traffic lights.

Tartaruga and the Expedition (not to mention Mike) handled all of it with ease.

This is Tartaruga with it’s previous home in the rear view mirror:


Old Home in the Rear View Mirror


Now is a good time to point out that I have no depth perception. This can make things interesting with new adventures like towing a trailer!

Here is what is new to me (aka freaked me out a bit:)

  • The Expedition had a slight rowing (like sleeping in a boat) feel. A weight distribution hitch should help with that.
  • The Vibration from pulsing the brakes.


  • The engine making noises when pulling up a hill since it’s now towing something.



  • The “blow by” pull whenever a truck drives by.
  • The way people like to cut you off and jump in front of you because you are towing


But there are cool things too:


  • Pull into a rest area with a long space & others towing waving hello



Our 1st Rest Area!



  • And knowing that you are towing a super fly vintage trailer!


Mike had brought a “kit” of supplies with him in case of emergency or a breakdown. We made sure to deadbolt the door so it won’t fly open and warp.


Cool Bearings


At a rest area, Mike stopped to check the bearings to make sure they were not hot, super hot or scalding. They were cool to the touch.


Our 1st Truck Stop!


The next test was to try out a truck stop with the long parking spaces. Since these establishments are in our future, my boys tried out all three restaurants: Wendy’s, Dunkin Donuts & DQ.


Home Sweet Home!


Home, safe and sound, in our driveway!


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