Electronic Brake Controller

To be able to pick up Tartaruga, Mike needed to install an electronic brake controller on his Ford Expedition (V8, 5.4 L).

Per Federal Law, any trailer over 3000lbs has to have electronic brake controller.

At first, he called our local Ford Dealership and they would have to order the parts. Three days, minimum. Mike then stopped by Camping World in Woodstock… And that was an experience in frustration. The girl was too busy to help Mike and as a result did not listen and sold Mike the wrong part. He didn’t realize this until he got home. So he ended up buying the part off of Amazon and etrailer.com


Mike bought the custom cable for his Expedition at Amazon. This cable plugs into an existing connector port under the dash instead of splicing wires.

He bought the electronic braking device from etrailer.com. This device is bolted into the bottom of his dash (about where his right knee is located).

In the back of our TV (tow vehicle), he converted the 4 pin to a 7 pin connector. He used a part from Hopkins that allows him to convert, on the fly, from a 4 to 7 pin. A lot of trailers at Home Depot or Uhaul use a 4 pin connector and now he has the flexibility to use either.

The kits that Mike got allows Tartaruga to have it’s running lights & turn signals working as well as brake control.


When the trailer is attached, the lights & digital will light up.


This shows Mike putting his foot on the brake and how much “boost” the brakes are giving.


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