Initial Decorating, Part II


As promised, I made a trip to another TJMaxx in search of more dishes/bowls and a matching quilt. I was able to snag another twin quilt that matches the one I purchased yesterday along with more blue kitchen accessories. I was the most happy about finding that orange chopper! I have a pink one at my home that I constantly use. I figure since there is practically no space to chop in “Tartaruga”, this mini compact chopper is perfect.


A trip to Michaels and I picked up some groovy colored daisies for .50 a piece. Michael’s is the worst place to find a seriously pretty sea glass type of vase. Too overpriced. TJMaxx has several at all different sizes but I couldn’t decide on the style or color. I’ll figure the vase part out when the Argosy is completed with it’s inside work. The adorable pup next to the flowers is our friend’s Scottish Terrier. He’s a cutey pie!


No matter what we decide to do with the front couch, it will need a quilt with style. My dream would be a gorgeous Hawaiian Quilt in green but those are starting around $500. I knew I wanted the same green that the kitchen counter has but the search was becoming exhausting. At Homegoods, I stumbled upon this Tahari quilt for $39. Sold! I love the Tahari brand and the price was awesome. The picture shows a lot of the dark blue but there is also the green and a lot of white. My initial use is to use it as a “slipcover” until we decide to reupholster or take it out for an IKEA sleeper futon.


Add in some fun (glass) wine glasses and an appropriate sign (Mike’s favorite saying!) and this part of decorating is complete. I still need to buy sheets for the back twins and memory foam to make them super comfy. The red has to go so I can keep with my color scheme of blue/green/orange. I will have to figure out how to sew some curtains!


I know that tow weight as well as storage and breakage are factors but I do plan on some glamp purchases. Such as real glass for wine glasses instead of red solo cups. Sea salt and black pepper grinders instead of fast food packets. And luxury linens/quilts that make sleeping in a small 28′ trailer a little more comfortable. After a trip or two, I might find out that I was crazy to buy all these extras but I also believe in a space being welcoming. If you have to have a bedspread or quilt, why not have a little style!

Next Step: Furniture & Cabinets:


I found several cute items to glam up the Argosy while at Homegoods. The green cabinet would look awesome in the bathroom. I would love to take out the vanity in the bath and replace it with the black chest & a small sink. The other two items definitely have a space in the living area!

……BTW, when the Argosy is not in use, we will be keeping all the kitchen items in a big plastic tub/bin. When we winterize, the sheets and quilts will come home to be stored until the next trip.


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