Initial Decorating….


Let The Decorating Begin!

I am a little worried that I wanted to buy a vintage travel trailer just so I had another place to decorate. I’ve already threatened to re-paint the spare bedrooms.

The groovy thing about decorating this Argosy is that it’s from the 70’s and still has some of that 70’s funk and color palette. I am addicted to the color green (mostly in it’s brightest forms)! Add in the funky orange and perk tourquise colors and all that is needed is the disco ball.

After weeks of searching online (and being shocked at prices!), I decided to stop by my local Ross and TJMaxx. A visit to Homegoods is tomorrow.

I scored the funky orange prep bowls, measuring cups and measuring spoons at both Ross & TJMaxx. The blue utensils and super cool doggie water bowl came from TJMaxx.

I could not get matching twin quilts so I got the one that matched the colors I wanted, the best. After getting it home, I think I will end up returning it because I really want a reversible quilt without so much white. The dogs will mess up a white quilt with their dirty paws. There was also a funky orange prep chopper that I passed on but must have!


As Nick & I were in the check out line, I spotted these melamine-like plates that match our color scheme perfectly! I got a set of four but want more.


I decided to buy the box of 4 solar lights to keep around the door or “yard” when we are camping. I am not sure if anyone has done this but I am assuming a lot of people do.

All of today’s purchases are just the icing on the cake. There is a lot of decorating as well as “making the cake” that needs to be started & completed before today’s purchases get to play. We want to replace the floor, replace the plumbing with Pex, paint the inside, fix the bathroom shower (and possibly redesign the vanity) and figure out the front couch/bed situation. That couch/bed looks painful! And add an oven. There is only a microwave and stove top.

But the decorating has begun! Yay!


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