New Owners of an Argosy

We did it! We jumped in and bought a (new to us) 1977 28′ Argosy.

I had seen this particular one on EBay’s Classified but lost track of it with the wedding in Maryland. After the wedding (about two weeks later), I happened to expand my Craig’s List search to Asheville, NC and long and behold…. There was the Argosy! It hadn’t sold!

I emailed and made an appt to see it today, Saturday, 3/30/13. We got up early, grabbed bagels and took off to Pelzer, SC. Three hours later, we negotiated the Argosy to $6200 (from $6750).



We believe we will be the 4th owners. Have to research that later. The couple we bought it from are retired school teachers who live on a beautiful farm with goats and 4 Anatolian Shepherds. They are selling it because they want to downsize. They camped in it last fall. They mostly boondock.

Because we decided to get a loan from our credit union, we could not take it home today. We have to do the paperwork and the credit union will cut the check out to the sellers. I was a bit shocked that they agreed to the three day delay and a check from the bank but a gentleman’s handshake was all that was needed.

Although, I’ve been stalking this Argosy, I am having tons of emotions about whether buying a trailer is right for our family. Even with a loan, this is an easy payoff vs a new fancy trailer with slides. I am freaking out that this will turn into a money pit!!! And as Phil from Duck Dynasty says…. I’m a citified girl. Who even knows if I will like camping?!?!

Back to Atlanta we go to complete the paperwork, get the check, get the tow vehicle setup to go back on Wednesday, April 3rd!


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