1977 28′ Argosy

About a month ago, I noticed an EBay Classified Ad for a 1977 28″ Argosy that appeared in good shape. The classified ad expired and I didn’t give it another thought. Then about a week ago, I did a random Craig’s List search and found it again!

After emailing the owners, I found out that it is in good condition and the price is $250 less and now $6500. It has new tires, new awning, new oven/stove, new fridge ….and is the configuration we want: rear bedroom/side bath.

1977 Argosy

I want to pull up the vinyl tile and put pergo put down. It needs a good scrub because every travel trailer needs a good scrub after winter (this one is in great shape!). I can see an old school Hawaiian theme (classy not trashy) being added. Google: Hawaiian Quilts. I’m thinking of toning it down with natural burlap tones. Eventually, I want to re-paint the outside in two-tone: tan on bottom, off white on top with a copper border.

We made an appt to look at it this Saturday.

……but, there is an 1972 Airstream Excella 500 for sale an hour closer at the same price with all the updates completed. Decisions. Decisions!




4 thoughts on “1977 28′ Argosy

  1. Cam says:

    About the Argosy, If you decide to sell it contact me, we are very interested in replacing the one we recently rolled over

    • kitcatsz says:

      Cam – Since we just purchased this Argosy in April & have put in $2k in renovations, I am not sure I could part with it just yet. 🙂

      I hate to hear about the damage of your Argosy. I hope that everyone is ok.

      • Cam says:

        No hurry yours is beautiful we had our about 20 years and have refurbished it ourselves, I have met people at campgrounds thad had a vision of traveling and find the dream is much better than the reality of doing so, I wish you and yours happy travels and lots of good memories, let me know if anything changes, we would give an argosy a good home

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