1972 31″ Airstream Excella 500

Just when I thought I was sold on a 1977 Argosy See Blog Posting

A 1972 31″ Excella for the same price showed up on Craig’s List…. And at the same price! All the updates have been completed on this Excella which means it is a better deal than the Argosy. Do I give up my dream of an Argosy for this fabulous deal on the Excella?!!?

1972 31′ Airstream Excella 500

The Excella has a color scheme that I love. No modifications needed. Just gotta check on if Mike can tow it!

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions! But the Argosy is calling my name! It is what I really want!!




One thought on “1972 31″ Airstream Excella 500

  1. kitcatsz says:

    After talking to the owner, Mike decided to take a pass on this one. There is a leak at the air conditioner (installed too quickly), the 12v lights/fans do not work, the bathroom is in rough shape (huge chip out of sink & stained) and the fridge needs replaced.

    This camper had been sitting for 12 years before the current owner bought it 4 years ago. The current owner admits that he did just enough to get it respectable to camp. There was rot at the front door that he replaced. But, he said the back area by the tanks needs replaced due to major rust. Sounds like a major red flag for us. In more capable Airstream expert’s hand, this would be a steal.

    Although, we would prefer something finished, there is the fun of re-doing some of the interior. So, we are keeping our appointment for the ’77 Argosy on Saturday.

    SIDE NOTE: It was wonderful that the current owner was so honest. It was much appreciated!

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